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- Jose, your teacher said you failed English exam!

- She telled you’re untrooth. She is a lion.

- Jose, a liar, not a freaking lion.

Need the Best Christmas Present for Children to Make Them Laugh Out Loud? Want to Get Extremely Funny Book with Clean Jokes for Kids? 300 Hilarious Jokes will make your kids laugh out loud for hours. 

What can be found in this large jokes collection?

  • An amazing collection of FUNNY, FUNNIER and the FUNNIEST jokes approved by hundreds of children, including my own daughter and kids of my friends
  • One-liners, real-life awkward situations, riddles, pranks and short stories
  • Hours of entertainment and fun reading and learning for your awesome kids of different ages from 2 to at least 12
  • Great book to read aloud on a long trip in a big company of kids and adults
  • Only clean and the cleanest jokes about Christmas, animals, school, doctors, monsters, Darth Vader, dinosaurs, knock-knock jokes, and much more.

Children love to read funny jokes, Q-A and one-liners. So if you want to encourage your kid to read books, this set of jokes is exactly what you need!

In 2020 the Aliens of the planet Amazonia XO receive the S.O.S. signal sent by the humans of the Earth. The Amazonian Congress immediately sends 50 life-saving spaceships to the planet of humans. The race of Amazonians is extremely technologically advanced. They have examined the whole universe. Apparently, Amazonia XO and the Earth are the only two planets inhabited by rational beings. Amazonians have been observing the development of humanity for thousands of years. According to the Amazonia laws, it is strictly prohibited contacting the humans until the Earth inhabitants invent technologies advanced enough to reach Amazonia XO. An emergency is only one exception. Amazonians have no idea what has happened, but the things should be real bad if someone has sent this S.O.S. It takes them four months to travel to the Earth. All 50 alien spaceships successfully land in Washington, D.C. near the White House. That’s where the signal has come from. The aliens do not find any signs of the disaster. But it seems the human beings have just vanished. Surprisingly they see extinct dinosaurs running here and forth. As they walk around the White House trying to understand what’s going on, one of the rescuers finds the President’s office. There is no one inside. The Alien notices the book lying on the table. The book cover has four words on it: “DIARY OF DONALD TRUMP”.

Awesome Christmas coloring book and mandalas. Excellent Christmas and New Year present for adults, teenagers and kids.

This holiday coloring book includes 30 awesome detailed designs, including snowflake mandalas, images of Santa, reindeer, Christmas decorations and trees, happy children, funny animals, bottle of champagne, present boxes, holiday slides, Jingle Bells, Happy New Year 2017 holiday sign, and even an image of Jesus Christ. Christmas snowflake mandalas are quite popular, as they help to inspire creativity, manage anxiety and to calm mind. Mandalas are the traditional sacred circles. They will help you to meditate, to find inner peace and balance in your life. The animal designs will make you smile, as you will be coloring them. They will definitely reduce the stress of your life, and you will feel that the holiday is very close.

This large Yo Mama Jokes Encyclopedia is a killer! The jokes are appropriate for children, and there are no swear words inside this book.

The phrase "YO MAMA" has become a meme and a wide-spread joke all around the world. The yo momma jokes depict obese, ugly, stupid, poor, hairy, short, crazy and unintelligent fantasy person, which is not anyone's mom, of course. She is a fiction. Sometimes, we may even doubt whether she is a woman or not.

We all love our moms, but it's fun to have a good laugh and compete making jokes with your friends about imaginative fantasy MOMMY, with the unpleasant characteristics mentioned above This book will make you laugh and smile all the time. Laughing is extremely positive for our bodies and minds. It can lower the blood pressure. It can help to entertain and relax. It can help to have fun with family and make new friends.

This book is extremely popular on Amazon! You will find 300 funny and hilarious jokes inside this book. It has no bad words, but it is not for kids. Some jokes are about relationship between men and women, and it may not be appropriate for children.

Joking is always fun! Jokes bring smiles to people’s faces. Jokes make us laugh. People fall in love when they smile at each other. Many people enjoy joking with their closest friends and families. Jokes help to overcome the difficulties and relax us. Joking is an awesome social skill and a great way to make new friends and to communicate nearly in any surrounding. Many people also love just to read some good jokes for amusement. However, it is not that easy to find real good jokes today. Some of them are out-of-date. Some of them are not clean enough.

People have different tastes, some of them like certain jokes and the others not. This especially applies to the jokes of certain genres like Yo Mamma jokes, blonde jokes, etc. Therefore I have included only a few jokes of these types that may be offensive to some groups of people. And in any case, this book is free of racism. I also did not mean to insult blonde women, overweight people or any other categories of people. So relax, take it easy and enjoy the humor!

As you know in July 2016 Pokemon Go has gone viral. Millions of people around the world were crazy about this game. Some of them keep pleaying the game. For sure, if there is the sequel, millions of fans worldwide will love to play it too.

Pikachu, Charizard and the other characters have been resurrected, and the topic gave rise to thousands of hilarious jokes, pranks, and fails. Pokemon Go has become a legend and a real sensation of the year!

In this book you will find the best bundle of Pokemon Go memes, jokes, and humor. All pictures are very funny. Some of them have wise meaning and they emphasize the weird impact of Pokemon Go on our society.

This game of the year has literally changed the world in a few days after its release on July 6, 2016. You will notice the other pictures and memes are more relaxing and not too serious. I am sure most of the people will find them super funny! So let's have fun and laugh together!

Weeks after the launch of Pokemon Go game it has gone viral and millions of people were playing it worldwide like crazy. This reality game has even beaten “p*rn” on Google, which was reported on July 13, 2016, by "Independent" newspaper.

But it is not so easy to become a successful and a popular Pokemon trainer. Most of the people out there are already more experienced players than you are! You need to catch up fast! Well, this book will give you the RIGHT hints. Most of the other Pokemon trainers do not have this amazing Pokemon Go book and they proceed in the game the hard way! You are lucky to find this book, and you may go the EASY WAY!

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